Poetry Machine writer: Ursula Andkjaer Olsen

Ursula Andkjaer Olsen is a well-known Danish poet and playwright. She was born in 1970 and was from an early age interested in music. While studying musicology and philosophy at the university, she wrote reviews of classical music for one of Denmark’s largest newspapers.  However, in the middle of her twenties she turned to poetry and has since then published ten collections of poetry. Continue reading Poetry Machine writer: Ursula Andkjaer Olsen

What is TOL?

How can libraries best introduce new digital literature to the public? The objective of “Turn on Literature” is to find solutions to this question. The partners will approach the field of digital literature through the work with literary installations, exhibitions and workshops in Romania, Denmark and Norway. The partnership will seize the opportunities that digital literature offers for audience development and will reposition the library to suit users’ needs in an increasingly digitised world. Target groups will be young adults and traditional book readers at the libraries.

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