confrontation, August 28, 2018, 14:12:13 – 14:13:29

can i ask not to be quoted on something i’ve said?
to reveal conceals the advantages.
to ask the dust:
the sub-contractors quietly set to work.
children sing in snow caves. niigata prefecture. honshu. japan. 1956.
read slowly and maybe you’ll fathom the mariana trench. a profound poem.
dear saturday, you’re my favourite.dear saturday, you’re my favourite.

confrontation, August 28, 2018, 14:11:12 – 14:12:03

oh, he who waits – is it you? – anticipates memories of soon.
in this country people are too rich for change.
<3 there’ll be trouble if someone comes.
oil and bags for the shredder.
oh, settle down flights of fancies.
oh, your own unique character is sacred.
embodied in babylonian debates.
oh, to roll up one’s arms and get stuck in.

oblivion, August 28, 2018, 13:00:36 – 13:02:22

people change size just before they fall asleep.
when the rain swamps conversation.
deep down in the lungs, gurgling.
landscape with temptations worthy of a saint.
a flying snake.
everything becomes impossible if you are to realize your doubt.
to be chased by wild boar on a souped-up moped.
once is never.
so much trouble so much text and so little singing.