New Public Library Prize for Electronic Literature

Send in now your works of electronic literature to win the Danish Public Library  Prize for Electronic Literature and exhibit at Danish libraries.

Literature has been the place to go for views on the new and discomforting. Readers have looked to literature to understand the movements of society and their own role in it. Is the experimental arena of electronic literature where we should now look? Can electronic literature help readers find ways to connect or disconnect with the ubiquitous digital transformation?

Danish libraries will from autumn 2019 to spring 2021 work with multi literacy in high schools and public schools and present to the general public works of electronic literature. The selection of works from the Prize for Electronic Literature will form the core of this dissemination effort.

The Project “Literature in Digital Transformation” is calling out for international and Scandinavian works of Electronic Literature for exhibitions and education in Public Libraries in Denmark. For the exhibitions we seek works of electronic literature, understood as “works with important literary aspects that take advantage of the capabilities and contexts provided by the stand-alone or networked computer.” As a general rule these works are not “e-books” which could be printed and read in a book, but instead multimedia literary artefacts which are only possible to fully experience through digital media.

Works in English, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish will be accepted. 7 works will be shortlisted and made available for exhibitions at libraries. One shortlisted work will be selected as the winner of the prestigious “Public Libraries Prize for Electronic Literature”. In addition, a Scandinavian selection consisting of three works will be chosen from the submitted works.

The international jury will consist of writers, librarians, digital artists and e-lit scholars.

The Project “Literature in Digital Transformation” is funded by the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces,

Submit works here:

The Prize 4000 Euros will be awarded to the author(s) of the prize winning work and Danish public libraries will be given the opportunity to display the work. The shortlist and Scandinavian selection will be publicized in digital and printed media. Each of these works (except the winner) will be rewarded with 250 Euros and will be included in the exhibition circulated to Danish libraries and in the national online library catalogue. The winner will be invited to give a public talk in Denmark during in the spring of 2019. The talk will be honoured by an extra fee of 2500 Euros to cover expenses.


  • Works must be no older than two years
  • The work should be able to be displayed inside a library on a screen, with a projector, or with a tablet such as an iPad. If the work requires extra equipment; it should be standard equipment or provided by the artist.
  • Works should be working at the time of submission and easily displayed with instructions.
  • If your work gets shortlisted, you grant Danish public libraries the rights to display it online and at libraries as part of the “Literature in digital transformation” project.
  • A digital copy of the work for use in the libraries and online display is required.
  • All works must be in English or Scandinavian (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) languages.
  • All submissions should include: description, images, technical specifications, physical dimensions and modality. If the work is accessible online, a URL where the work can be accessed should be provided.

Modalities of work that will be considered

Web based work Tablet display Projector works Interactive installations

Deadline for submissions 8 February 2019

Announcement of selected works 1 March 2019

Contact for questions: Coordinator Martin Campostrini –

The Jury

Scott Rettberg, Professor of Digital Culture, University of Bergen, and author of Electronic Literature (Polity, 2018)
Søren Pold, PhD and Associate Professor of digital aesthetics, Aarhus University
Thomas Vang Glud, Editor of “The Literature Page” (
Rasmus Halling Nielsen, Author of electronic and printed literature
Martin Campostrini, Curator of electronic literature and digital development, Roskilde Libraries
Mette-Marie Zacher Sørensen, PhD in Electronic Literature, Assistant Professor, Aarhus University
Maria Engberg, PhD and Senior Lecturer, Dept of Computer Science and Media Technology, Malmö University (SWE), co-editor of The ELMCIP Anthology

The Project Group (The Literature Page) Aarhus Libraries, Denmark Helsingør Libraries, Denmark Herning Libraries, Denmark Roskilde Libraries, Denmark


Submit works here: