happenstance, September 3, 2018, 18:35:24 – 18:39:35

so much trouble so much text and so little singing.
first there’s zeal, then suddenly none.
tomorrow and tomorrow, tomorrow.
geese actually sound like rubber ducks.
landscape with hands.
raise the focus slightly.
don’t fuck up my search history!
rilke thought dragons were princesses, not the other way round
when the rain turns to laughter.

confrontation, September 3, 2018, 18:33:13 – 18:34:21

oh, the verbs sound constantly all around.
oh, those self-carers.oh, those self-carers.
remember to tap the book (remote control) to change verse!remember to tap the book (remote control) to change verse!
the best things in life lie not in the act.
keen for more cool.
good time!good time!
oh, sorry, that’s the bell, gotta go.

oblivion, September 3, 2018, 18:31:44 – 18:32:56

in other words, feelings can get up, come in!
the finest cow was old clover.
ordinary people will run away.
the farmer chews his lip on his way to supper.
one is a refugee for two years.
so much trouble so much text and so little singing.
sanded down, sent off, into the dwindle.
aye, the eye is a lens.aye, the eye is a lens.

happenstance, September 3, 2018, 17:28:11 – 17:34:36

no sign that anyone’s here.
you keep asking banal and bogus questions.
the thoughts unravel and fray at the edges.
the power of imagination is malignant.
deep down in the lungs, gurgling.
the well is the first thing they poison.
the conversation coasts along.
the lie allows for a different view of the world.
ordinary people will run away.

oblivion, September 3, 2018, 17:24:42 – 17:27:40

questions remain debt.
the thoughts unravel and fray at the edges.
when wounds are scars are questions asked?
the body can be used as bait.
one self when it’s ready.
listen to humanity’s unvoiced.
walk, walked, stood.
oh, body budding, bud, butt, button, bop!
(your vulnerability is a gift).
oops, the funny pages go tits up.

happenstance, September 3, 2018, 17:22:11 – 17:24:29

don’t go longing your life away.
brush your teeth!brush your teeth!
many people never know love.
can you think of two or three things you’re looking forward to?
sorry for making promises i could not keep.
oh, these words are not useless, they ought to be used.
the grass rhymes with the thrush from last year.
humming of the rain when the heavens reel by.

happenstance, September 3, 2018, 15:51:00 – 15:53:17

a flying snake.
to sail strangely through clouds.
don’t let yourself down.
to speculate on appropriating the possible and non-existent.
*this is designed solely for private consumption*.
can hardly bring myself to read.
oh, the poem hisses inside me.
oh, the verbs sound constantly all around.
oh, my nose pricks at the mere mention of the word lines.

oblivion, September 3, 2018, 12:49:04 – 12:51:20

landscape with temptations worthy of a saint.
the last palm has now fallen.
children sing in snow caves. niigata prefecture. honshu. japan. 1956.
the twilight takes a few minutes, smoking out meaning.
endangered species are animals of production.
and i saw the end of all my joys.and i saw the end of all my joys.
i go by my watch.