Kid playing with e-lit at Roskilde Library

Roskilde Libraries turns on digital literature

Roskilde Libraries are leading in the field of presenting digital literature to the public in Denmark.
Since 2010 the library has worked onpromoting digital literature and facilitating meetings between these new types of cultural media and the public. Our interest in this field originated in the attempt to find out how best to present digital literature to the public.
Since 2010 RB has worked on communicating digital literature to the public through various exhibitions in and outside the library, most noteably at the Roskilde music festival two years in a row.
During the years, we have acquired great experience in the field of curating and exhibiting digital works of literature. We developed (together with CAVI, Aarhus Universitet) four poetry machines that are currently touring the Danish libraries providing them with a plug and play possibility for exhibiting digital works of literature.

Roskilde Libraries (RB) is a library system with one main library and 5 branches. More than 600.000 people visit the libraries in Roskilde every year.